When journeying to Iceland’s South Coast, a visit to Rejnisifjara beach, which is only 180 km from Rejkavik, should be on everyone’s itinerary. A bold statement indeed! But by the end of this blog post, I’m fairly certain that you will agree. Of note, this beach is by no means a “bask-in the sun” and “get your tan on” type of beach. It is cold, windy, and frequently rainy with tumultuous waves that warn you away.

But make no mistake; this beach is like no other! There are some very unique and interesting features to experience on this beach.  Intrigued? Read on, my friend….


A Black-sand beach!

The run-off from the many volcanoes on the island, tints the sand a black hue. Yes, a black sand beach! There are several black sand beaches elsewhere in the world including Hawaii and Guatemala, to name a couple. However, this was our first time visiting a black-sand beach and it felt awesome to experience something other than a traditional white sand beach. It was different, which in my mind translates to interesting and exciting.

The Cave at Rejnisfjara Beach

The Sea Stacks

Near the shoreline lies 3 large rock formations known as the Sea stacks. Icelandic legend says that two trolls dragged a three-masted ship to land unsuccessfully. When the daylight came, they were turned to rock. Whether or not you believe in the legend, the sea stacks are rather interesting pieces of landscape to see and photograph and add to the mesmerizing and slightly eerie feel of this beach.

The Basalt Columns

The most defining characteristics of Rejnifjara, however, are the basalt columns located on the beach. These columns are a result of basaltic lava cooling over an extended period, forming geometric rocks that are so symmetric and majestic, that jaw-dropping is not uncommon. They are so mesmerizingly beautiful. I must have snapped 50 photographs of these columns alone. I’m exaggerating but I took many photos of the columns. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

The Magnificent Basalt Columns


Climbing over the rocks gave me quite a thrill and fed into my natural “explorer’s” instinct.


Bonus Tip:

Beach restaurant

Located at the entrance of the beach, is a cute little lunch spot that is great after your explorations in the cold, windy outdoors. And while a beach restaurant is by no means a unique feature, the restaurant serves an array of sandwiches and warm comforting soups, which bring a cozy feelings and a comforting end to exploring Rejnisfjara beach.

In conclusion, a visit to this beach was a unique and awesome experience for me, and was a way to capture some incredible nature photography. If nature photography “is you thing” then this beach will not disappoint for some stunning shots. Nature photographer or not, do consider a visit to this beach during your Icelandic Adventures! It is a must for any adventurer, traveller and lover of all things amazing!




Our visit to Rejnisfjara beach was made possible by Arctic Adventures tour company. There are several itineraries that go to this beach. The one that we booked was the 2-day south coast tour, which cost 49.900 ISK and can be booked at










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