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Hello fellow traveller!

Welcome!! I’m Liza.

I created LovePeaceandTravel with the intention of sharing  my never-ending passion for travel with you! This blog is not only a creative outlet for me to share my travel stories and adventures, but a place where I can engage with fellow traveller’s or aspiring traveller’s alike, on all things travel-related.

Feel free to explore the site at your leisure. New content will be added on a monthly basis. Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!


About the Author

Liza’s passion for travel started when she was just a child. Her first solo travel experience was at the age of 7 when her parents strapped her into a plane bound for the tropical island of Barbados, where she would spend the Summer. The “seeds were planted” and there was no turning back. She knew that she wanted to explore as much of the world as possible.

Since then, her passion for travelling has “taken” her to 21 countries and has enriched her life in innumerable ways.  Travel makes her feel so alive! She feels as though she’s living her dreams.

With this blog, it is also her intention to inspire you to live life fully, to engage in more adventure, to see more of this amazing and beautiful world that we live in, to realize that we are all connected and to live your dreams too!

Liza is a physician, epidemiologist, infection prevention practitioner and “left-brained” scientist by day. During her free time, she loves to engage in creative pursuits such as writing on her travel blog or painting. She also enjoys hot yoga, kayaking, hiking, any-activity involving nature or the ocean, good books and rarely says no to a cup of tea.  She is always scheming up new ways to use her 2 weeks of annual leave each year to explore more of our beautiful planet.


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